all simple carrds will be $2-5. all carrds without any coding will be $2-3.

more complex carrds *with* coding will be between $6-12.

a carrd like this would probably be around $5-6!

i can also make you a rentry for $1 if youre interested in that instead!

i accept all payments through paypal & gift cards!

prices are completely negotiable! i am very fluid with my prices & these are just my average prices.

please do not remove my credit from your carrd! :-)

commissions will usually take around 1-3 days to complete unless i say otherwise! i can be busy at times so please be patient! but absolutely feel free to ask for updates whenever.

all payments must be sent before i begin working.

i would prefer if you had a specific theme & layout in mind but if you need help figuring out what you'd like we can brainstorm together!

hi friends! ^.^ my name is toto & my pronouns are he/she. you probably know me as the owner of :-) ive been making carrds for ~5 years now and its still one of my favorite things to do hehe..

if youre interested in commissioning me, you can message me on twitter at @buntroject, instagram at @bluetroject or discord, @starryeyedkid. thanks for reading! i hope you decide to commission me!